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Hello, I'm Himanshu

A curious ui/ux designer with a knack for storytelling and creating seamless digital experiences.

Based in Chandigarh

Previously at Groto ↗

B.DES from NID

Here's a  small selection of my work.

Interesting insights, cases and behind the frame snapshots from some of my design projects.

A platform which simplifies and streamlines portfolio creation, management and sharing process for high school students.

Student Portfolio Generator

A Community driven mobile application that helps people to explore sustainable options and events around them.


Redesigning the website for a business consultancy based in U.A.E offering specialized services for entrepreneurs & businesses.

Sethub Website

Redesigning the interface for a Railway automatic ticket vending machine to make it more intuitive and accessible for users.

ATVM Redesign

• Case study In progress

“Himanshu's journey at Groto has been nothing short of inspiring. Starting as a new comer with a thirst for learning, he rapidly evolved into a skillful UX designer. ”

Bhavya Kaur

Co-founder Groto, Delhi

“His designs not only reflect creativity but also his positive & humble nature. With exceptional communication skills he became an indispensable asset to our team. ”

Harpreet Singh

Co-founder Groto, Delhi

“Himanshu's commitment to innovation and attention to detail sets him apart. He is undoubtedly a standout designer in this creative industry.  ”

Midhun Krishnakumar

UX Designer, Adobe

•  Websites    •  Application   •  Design system   •  Prototypes   •  Research  

•  Websites    •  Application   •  Design system   •  Prototypes   •  Research  

My approach to work is logic, creativity & consistency.

Check out my Resume !

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It's time to talk about your project. Feel free to connect with me at - 

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