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Making sustainability accessible and fun through a community driven app.



Greenroutes was an independent self - sponsored project submitted as a part of my pre - graduation thesis in college during my final year.


I conducted the research first hand, mapped down insights and created all the final assets and deliverables for this project.


The duration for this project was 6-8 weeks including the feedback cycles from my mentor and iteration changes.


Greenroutes is a community driven app which helps people to explore different sustainable options around them and encourages them to participate into eco-friendly activities. It also allows users to initiate and collaborate with others to raise awareness for diverse causes.


Many individuals express a genuine willingness to contribute to sustainable practices or to adopt eco-friendly behaviors, yet they often find themselves at a loss when it comes to taking that crucial first step. Without the initial motivation or sufficient knowledge, they struggle to engage consistently in environmentally conscious activities.

Key Objectives


How might we make people aware & connect them to different sustainable options & replacements around them like stores, cafe’s, activities etc.


How might we make contributing in eco-friendly opportunities accessible, engaging and fun for different people.


How might we keep the users motivated enough to participate & contribute in eco-friendly activities on a regular basis.

Initial Research

In my preliminary research, I discovered common barriers hindering people from adopting sustainable practices. Additionally I explored perceptions surrounding sustainability and ways to bridge this gap. These insights were gathered primarily via both formal and Informal interviews, as well as online questionnaire.

User Research

After having some idea about the domain, I began categorizing users based on their needs and how they connect through a common cause or environment. From these categories I drafted my primary and tertiary user personas and started narrowing down the scope.

Competitive Analysis

To confirm my findings and explore existing solutions further, I conducted a competitive analysis. This involved identifying standout features, impacts, and limitations of five similar apps. After auditing these apps, I compiled a list of key insights and strategies which could be used into my own app.

Key Insights

Control & Flexibility

Users facing time constraints require flexibility regarding their commitments & involvement to feel in control of their schedules & routines.

Collaboration & Impact tracking

Independent users often struggle to gauge the impact of their actions. Thus, fostering collaboration & building community can be instrumental to motivate them.

Access to Information

People need easy access to information regarding sustainable options around without much effort and hassle.

Feel good factor

A lot of people often indulge in sustainable activities for a sense of self-fulfillment and a feel good factor. 



People are more likely to contribute into activities and causes which are related or

personal to them.


The research phase ended with enough insights to work on, so I started with the brainstorming of features and solutions which can be incorporated in the app to motivate users. I categorized these features into groups and prioritized them based on the needs of my primary user persona. Information architecture, Task flows and quick wireframes were also created simultaneously with this step.

Final Designs

After the Ideation and wireframing stage, I refined my concepts into high - fidelity mockups. I chose natural and earthy colors to create a soothing effect on the user and visualized the screens for my primary user flow. The intent was to validate and showcase the key few features and their functionality.



This personal project helped me to learn the importance of accountability in work. It also made me understand how subtle factors like trust or curiosity can play a very important role in shaping user experience.

Next steps

Since Greenroutes was a personal project so it wasn't implemented. However, I do wish to rework in the similar domain and contribute my part for a sustainable future.

Thankyou for scrolling this far, you have reached the end of this case study :)


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