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This was a client project on which I worked at Groto. This is under an NDA and you can check the full project on Groto's website.


I was responsible for redesigning a fully responsive website for a business consultancy based in U.A.E. right from the audit, market research, wireframing and final designs.


The duration for this project was 8-12 weeks including the feedback cycles from the client and internal revisions.

About Client

Sethub is a business consultancy which creates a space for businesses to thrive and succeed in U.A.E. They provide diverse & personalized business services ranging from visa assistance to Banking & Taxation, Documentation and much more. 


Sethub wanted to redefine their digital presence and create a seamless online experience for it's users through a website. The main aim was to attract users from all over the world and generate potential leads.


Launching a business overseas can be really tricky, often requiring significant investments of money, time, and effort. From gathering accurate information to forecasting expenses, entrepreneurs must invest in various resources & personnel. This extensive process can significantly slow down operations and present formidable challenges for those looking to establish a business abroad.

Key Objectives

Generating leads

Set hub's main aim was to expand their user reach globally and generate potential leads through the website.

Maintaining a repository

Set hub wanted to provide a repository of information including documentation, legal formalities etc. for entrepreneurs who wanted to start their business in U.A.E.

Inspiring individuals

Along with a repository, Set hub also wanted to inspire individuals through a section of stories and case studies featuring business successes and opportunities in U.A.E.

Design Outcome

Since this project is under an NDA so I can't show a detailed process but here are a few mockups of the final screens which I designed for Sethub. The aim was to keep the website quite professional and minimal with evident contrasts and subtle gradients to add character.



This project taught me a lot about the business side of things, and how can one strike a balance between functionality and aesthetics. Additionally, it enhanced my ability to design with responsiveness in mind.

Next steps

After the design handover, we did a few rounds of bug tracking with our developers and implemented the website. Currently the site is live & fully functional for the public.

Thankyou for scrolling this far, you have reached the end of this case study :)


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